Brace Yourself for a Dream Smile: Braces at Bala Smiles

clear and metal braces for all ages in austin tx - south austin neighborhoods

What Are Braces?

In orthodontic treatment with braces, brackets are attached to the individual teeth. These brackets are then connected by a wire, which gently guides the teeth into their desired positions. Patients often wear rubber bands between the upper and lower braces to correct issues with their bite.


Benefits of Braces at Bala Smiles:

  • Broad, Bold Smiles – Our brackets and wires work together to maximize the width of your arches, giving you a broad, full smile.
  • Enhanced Esthetics – Our braces are positioned to highlight the natural arc of your smile, rather than flatten it, leading to a more youthful and esthetic overall appearance.
  • Shorter Treatment Times – The precise interaction between our braces and wires causes the teeth to move more effectively and predictably, allowing your time in braces to be as short as possible.
  • Fewer Appointments – We know that life doesn’t slow down for braces. Our treatment philosophy emphasizes efficiency, so you only come in for appointments when you really need to.
  • Reduced Need for Tooth Extractions – Advanced braces technology allows us to correct even significant amounts of crowding, while rarely needing to extract permanent teeth.
  • Increased Comfort – Our braces apply gentle forces to the teeth and are designed to be low-profile with rounded corners, allowing for a more comfortable patient experience.
  • Clear Alternative – We offer clear braces to provide our patients with a more discrete and esthetic alternative to traditional metal.



Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bala to explore if braces can help achieve your smile goals. Your journey to the smile of your dreams starts here!

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